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There are many instances in which an individual may need sober transport assistance, specifically either immediately before or after entering a rehabilitation facility. The early stages of the recovery process are a major transition. Getting help in those early stages is an important part of building a successful foundation towards long-term sobriety. Sober transportation is designed to help eliminate distractions and potential temptations during the most difficult moments of recovery. Travel arrangements around entering or exiting a recovery center can be difficult to make for people who may not have experience with doing so. Sober transport helps eliminate the logistical hassle while also providing emotional support for those in need.

What is Sober Transport?

Sober transport is a service that offers transportation for addicted individuals in certain scenarios. Most commonly, sober transport is used by people who are either entering or exiting a recovery facility. The primary difference between sober transport services and any other method of travel is that the sober transport drivers are usually certified recovery specialists or former addicts themselves and therefore understand the needs of the addicted individual.

The point at which a person enters or exits a recovery facility can be some of the most vulnerable moments of the recovery process. Someone suffering from addiction may get cold feet or get tempted as they drive past a bar. Sober transport exists to help avoid those common pitfalls and provide guidance to those in need. 

While sober transport is most commonly used for those in the early stages of recovery, some services offer broader uses as well. Some individuals may struggle with being in social settings after exiting a recovery facility and would seek out sober transport to ease any concerns about possible issues. Sober transport can be used for weddings, work trips, and general travel that may leave a person in recovery feeling uneasy.

The primary goal of sober transport is to alleviate the stress associated with travel that many people in recovery feel. Safety and comfort are the two most important aspects of finding the right sober transportation service to fit your needs. 

How Does a Sober Transport Work?

Sober transport is a ride service option that specializes in transporting people suffering from addiction or people in recovery during moments that may normally be difficult or leave the individual feeling vulnerable. This may occur at any time, but it can be especially likely in the early stages of recovery. 

A person in recovery will likely become used to a strict, regimented environment during their time with a rehabilitation center. When they leave the program, the “real world” can feel like shock at times due to the lack of schedule and supervision. Sober transport offers a bridge in the gap between the freedom of the world and the regiment of recovery centers. 

Sober transport services can often be hired by the individual in recovery, their family, or concerned friends. Depending on the circumstances surrounding the journey, sober transport drivers may be open with a person suffering from addiction or play the part of a family member or acquaintance there to help. Most sober transport services approach each case as something new with new obstacles to overcome. Many people in recovery will reach out and ask for the help of sober transport services, while others may need it without necessarily wanting it.

The most important thing to remember about sober transportation services is that their main objective is to help. They want to provide the safest journey possible and to relieve the immense stress that can occur during times like these. Sober transport drivers may often keep in contact with family and friends to let them know things are going well and to prevent concern surrounding the journey. 

How Can a Sober Transport Help?

As with any aspect of the recovery process, it is important to find the right sober transport service to fit your needs. While the goals of sober transport remain the same, each service may operate differently. Some sober transport services may only focus on short journeys, such as drives to and from recovery centers or from prisons to recovery centers. Other services may be willing to travel far longer distances, even abroad, and will help during business trips, weddings, or vacations.

It is also important to research the operating area a sober transport service focuses. Many of these services may be local and only primarily operate in the surrounding area, while others can be willing to travel across the country in order to help.

Sober Transport Service Near Me

If you or a loved one are either suffering from addiction or have recently begun the recovery process and have concerns about travel, sober transport may be perfect for you. At AM Health Care, we can help you find the best possible service to fit your exact needs for any journey. Please reach out to us at 818-383-1297 to learn more about potentially scheduling a sober transport for your next journey.

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