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AM Health Care and it’s facilities are constantly striving to provide the best service imaginable. Our executives to therapists and down to the support technicians are the best at what they do. There is a reason our company is growing so fast, and it’s because our moto is “If you put the clients first, everything else will fall into place.”. Join our team today and start making a difference. 


Being able to give back and have a job where you work with clients every day is important to not just the staff but the clients. Our support staff team are the backbone of the AM Health Care facilities.

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For clinicians that thrive working hands on with clients every day, this job is for you. Being able to see exponential growth in a short time frame  is what most clinicians dream of. Join AM Health Care today!

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Case Managers

From arrival to discharge the case managers job is to help each and every client tackle any struggle they might have in their life all while helping plan their future for life after treatment. Join AM Health Care!

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AM Health Care executives hold themselves to the highest standards. Our facility operates 100% by the book and won't settle for any less. For more information on if this job is right for you, apply today!

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Medical Assistant

Ethical Digital Marketing in the Health Care field is an important part of the process to allow for growth. Our Marketing process is done in house with a team of experts who are familiar with the field.

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Business Development

Developing new business with EAPs, Unions, fortune 500 companies and everything in between is a vital step in the process.

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