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AM Health Care’s vision is to provide quality ethical care in the addiction and mental health space. Helping clients and families alike reunite together as one. With our state of the art luxury facility locations, you or a loved one will find comfort and relaxation while going through the detoxification process.

Offering a Full Range of Care

Our board certified medical providers, therapists, case managers and technicians are there around the clock to help with any needs a client would have. Getting help is not easy, that’s why AM Health Care strives to be the industry leader in care. Our programs encompass a full program from detox to outpatient. With a holistic and western medicine approach each client is given a completely custom treatment plan that entails practices that will help them in a unique way and them alone.
Image of a diverse group of individuals in a support group, displaying empathy and support for each other. Their expressions and body language convey understanding and solidarity, illustrating the cultivation of empathy in addressing social stigma related to mental health and addiction.

What Sets Us Apart

AM Health Care is backed by an elite team of professionals specializing in Business Development, Law & Ethics, Management, Ethical Marketing, and Medical. AM Health Care encompasses program such as Northridge Detox, Ohana Recovery Center, Inneractions IOP, Valley Recovery Center Agua Dulce, and Valley Recovery Center Newhall. Specializing in true dual diagnosis cases and mental health our programs provide high end treatment services that help a wide array of clients.

A Message from the CEO

Arthur Mogilevski
“You cannot build a strong organization without having a solid foundation supporting it. AM Healthcare was created with the intention of bringing our programs together into one cohesive collective. Our goal has always been to create safe and welcoming environments for our clients to maximize their pursuit of recovery and wellbeing. Our organization has come such a long way in the past 11 years, not only from expanding and creating new programs to meet the communities needs, but also as a family of like-minded professionals striving to always provide the best to our clients.

As the great Walt Disney put it, ‘You can dream, create, design, and build the most wonderful place in the world. But it requires people to make the dream a reality.’ I truly believe that this is the bedrock foundation of our organization and what makes AM Healthcare so unique and special. It is always my mission to balance the efficiency of the organization and ensure that our teams are happy and motivated. This energy trickles down to the client experience and overall prosperity of the programs.

I am truly grateful for the journey we have been through these past 11 years. Yes, we have had our ups and downs, like any organization figuring out its identity. But I am appreciative that we constantly strive to grow and progress, not only as an organization, but as individuals. I am constantly learning and striving to be better for our organization, our amazing team, and the beautiful clients we serve. I appreciate your love, dedication, commitment and most importantly trust in the vision and path we are paving. To many more years!”

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