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Welcome to After Action. We recognize the tremendous sacrifices first responders make daily and offer tailored support and healing programs just for you. Our First Responder Program is designed to empower our heroes to reclaim their strength, resilience, and joy through a supportive, understanding environment.

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Receive the highest level of care available at an AM Health Care facility. We are here 24/7 to answer your calls or fill out our confidential contact form below to get started.
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Program Highlights
First Responder Program

Your Path to Wellness

Choose between our focused 2 Week Tune-Up or the comprehensive 30 Day Reset based on your specific needs. Each program is designed to address burnout, compassion fatigue, and the emotional toll of the demanding role of first responders.



We operate dedicated Men's and Women's facilities, ensuring a secure and affirming environment where participants can focus on recovery ensuring comfort and privacy.


Holistic and Trauma-Focused Care: Our approach integrates physical, emotional, and mental health treatments. We utilize Sensory Modulation Therapy, a technique that employs sensory experiences to help manage stress and emotional responses, enhancing overall well-being and resilience along with other evidence-based treatment modalities for a comprehensive approach to healing. 


Supportive Community and Family Inclusion: Recognizing the crucial role of family support in recovery, our program includes initiatives to involve and support family members, fostering a supportive healing environment for both participants and their loved ones.


Who We Serve

The First Responder Program at After Action is dedicated to a broad range of professions within the emergency and crisis response field, including law enforcement, firefighters, EMS personnel, Emergency Dispatch and 911 Operators, Crime Scene Investigators, Public Safety and Emergency Management Officials, Military and Veterans, and Support Staff in Emergency Services. 


Assistance with Short-Term Disability and FMLA

To ensure that you can focus fully on your healing and recovery, our dedicated team is here to assist you in navigating the process of applying for Short-Term Disability and Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) benefits.

Treatment Modalities
at First Responder Program

By blending these modalities, we ensure a comprehensive and adaptable approach to treatment, making certain that every individual receives the specialized care they need to thrive.

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Women’s Facilities

Men’s Facilities

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Begin your journey to recovery by contacting us for a consultation and verifying your insurance to maximize your benefits. Our admissions team will guide you through the process, ensuring a personalized treatment plan and preparing you for your arrival.

At After Action, we are committed to providing first responders with the care they deserve in a community that understands the unique challenges they face. For more information or to start your recovery journey, please visit our First Responder Program page.
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