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Nurse Application

Nurse is responsible for ensuring the work completed by Technicians is consistent with the Los Angeles Detox philosophies and meets the current standards for medical quality of care and other requirements as set forth by licensing and Joint Commission Accreditation. Nurse, with the assistance and support from Program Director, Clinical Director, and Medical Director. Will assist agency clinical department during state audits. This position will oversee training all technicians with the management of medication and daily questions related to detox, monitoring documentation, etc. This position will also oversee ensuring that all medications are entered properly into the EHR. This position will also oversee most communication with physicians regarding new medications, medication adjustments, side effects reported by clients/staff.


Maintains licensing as LVN or RN with 3-5 years of experience.
· Ability to work effectively with individuals in a detox residential program.
· Experienced with an EHR preferred.
· Experience working in detox residential program preferred.
· Possess attention to detail.
· Must possess a valid CA driver’s license and maintain an insurable driving record.
· Understand pharmaceutical actions and reactions.


Reporting to the agency’s Program Director and Medical Director, Nurse is responsible for the following:
· Managing day-to-day medications activities as conducted by Technicians.
· Monitor self-administration of medications, conduct detox assessments, and assess vitals for clients as needed.
· Monitor medical documentation daily (vitals, detox assessments, etc.), assist client with medication intake, medication related questions, etc.
· Ensuring medical corrections are done in a timely manner.
· Scheduling appointments with in-house physicians.
· Ensure the documentation of all medication reactions and inform appropriate staff.
· With the support from the contracted physician, discuss with clients the detox protocol and medication reaction.
· Develop and implement medical trainings as needed for staff.
· Ensure medication rooms are organized, medication counted, logs properly kept, and destruction medication properly disposed.
· Auditing centrally stored, destruction, narcotic, and daily medication count logs and following with necessary corrections from appropriate staff.
· Ensure PRN list is always update-to-date with appropriate OTC medication available.
· Ensure physician orders are uploaded to the EHR and adjustments are reflected within the system.
· Communicate medical errors with Clinical Director and Program Director.
· Supporting Clinical Director and Program Director in developing protocols as needed.
· Adhere to Los Angeles Detox program policies and procedures.
· Other duties not specified in the position description, as requested by the Program Director and/or Clinical Director.


· Professionalism- Displays respect and sensitivity for others, regardless of position, gender, sex, religion, or race.Always maintains professional demeanor. Maintains appropriate boundaries. Abides by confidentiality/HIPPAA guidelines.
· Communication- Responds to emails and voicemails in timely manner.
· Relationship skills- builds good rapport with everyone at all levels of the organization. Having collaborative relationships to achieve company’s long-term goals. Displays empathy and tolerates different viewpoints.
· Teamwork- Displays respect and openness to other’s views. Works to build and maintain a positive team environment. Displays ability to compromise when trying to find different solutions.
Job Type: Full-time
Pay: From $60,000.00 per year

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