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Once you leave treatment, your recovery journey continues with access to services and activities designed for individuals and their families that have been through AM Healthcare programs.

We offer and welcome the involvement of all alumni and family to attend and participate in our support groups, recovery meetings and various events put on throughout the year. Alumni and family participation is encouraged, and we warmly invite you to experience the joy of recovery with your fellow AM Healthcare family.

Family Alumni Program

To the family and friends of our clients: we haven’t forgotten about you, either! When your loved one is in our program, we put great emphasis on the fact that addiction is a family disease — and that fact remains even after your loved one completes our program.

In addiction, families suffer together. In treatment, families heal together. And after treatment, they continue to recover together. That’s why our alumni program encompasses both clients and their families. If your loved one has attended our addiction treatment program, we strongly urge them to partake in our alumni program, and we strongly urge you to participate in our family alumni program.

Whether you are a mother or father, brother or sister, spouse or even just a close personal friend, all are welcome to join. Whether or not you realize it, you share a bond with all other family members. That bond is your unconditional love for someone afflicted with addiction.

Family and friends who join our alumni program can find the same support and sober fun that our clients enjoy. They lean on one another when times are hard, and they celebrate together when times are good. They attend meetings together, and they share in the growth that comes from each other’s personal experiences.

Alumni exprerience

Staying active in the recovery community will allow you to grow and maintain positive, healthy relationships. AM Healthcare includes individuals who are in recovery or who have already completed our drug rehab center treatment program. Besides family and close friends, it is important to have a strong support system that shares similar experiences and backgrounds. Similarly, it is central to your recovery to stay busy, active, engaged and connected with other people who are on the path of recovery who will hold you accountable and motivate you. AM Healthcare alumni and family services are an extension of your family who are committed to helping you succeed in recovery.


Our Mission

Our mission is to provide lifelong community and support for our clients and families.

We provide services and activities to assist you on your recovery journey:

Our Alumni

Our Staff Our Staff

Shireen Janti

CPC (Certified Professional Coach), (LAADC) Licensed Advanced Alcohol and Drug Counselor, and (CRPS) Certified Relapse Prevention Specialist

Shireen Janti has been a force in the field of Chemical Dependency and Mental Health for over 33 years. Her credentials include becoming a (CPC) Certified Professional Coach, (LAADC) Licensed Advanced Alcohol and Drug Counselor, and a (CRPS) Certified Relapse Prevention Specialist. Shireen brings over 38 years of experience working in the entertainment industry, working at AFTRA American Federation of Radio and Television Artists, Fox Film Corporation, Fox Sports Net, Capitol Records and most recently working at MusiCares for 18 years. 

 Shireen Joined the MusiCares team in 2004 which is the charitable arm of the Recording Academy, otherwise known as the GRAMMYS. Shireen started in the role of an Addiction Recovery Specialist and moved up the ranks holding the title of Senior Director of Mental Health & Addiction Services addressing the various needs of music professionals nationwide. Shireen brings years of experience facilitating, managing, and overseeing 10 nationwide support groups with a focus on mental health, women, LGBTQ, Black Community, and addiction. She facilitated many services that MusiCares provided which included, addiction recovery/mental health assessment, client referral to appropriate placement for treatment, negotiating rates and contracts for the charity which enabled MusiCares to pay for the client’s treatment needs. 

 As a woman in recovery (33 years sober), a mother, a daughter, a caretaker of her mother, and being a single parent most of her life, Shireen holds a special place in helping women. She facilitates panels and workshops on varied topics that bring education, awareness, prevention, and resources to the community. She is a speaker and community leader. Her focus is coaching on all relationships, self-empowerment and awareness, Self esteem and body image. Shireen has received several awards for her service in the field of Mental Health and Addiction, such as the “Gratitude for Giving”-Sierra Tucson 2010,”Distinguished Service In the Field Of Recovery”-Promises Foundation Miriam’s House Polo in the Palisades 2016, the “Visionary Award” at the CCAPP California Consortium of Addiction Programs and Professionals Convention 2016 and the WAAT Women’s Association of Addiction Treatment (Victoria Smart Award) in 2019

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